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Upcoming Pentecostal Churches Network

(a Born Again faith Based Network)  

Multitudes of Pastors and ministry leaders will soon be prevented from serving God in Uganda and many churches will be closed down soon.

Preventing pastors and ministry leaders to serve God and closing down of churches and ministries started in Rwanda, went to Kenya and now it is in Uganda.

In Feb 28, 2018 - Rwanda government closed '700 churches'. Today more than 8,000 churches are closed down and many Pastors and ministry leaders were prevented from serving God according to a report by Rwanda’s pro-government newspaper.

This some challenge was heard in Kenya when Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta called for the regulation of churches report by Kenyan Newspaper Daily Nation.

Now it is in Uganda and the law is expected to be implemented any day, any time before this year ends.

It started when the state minister for ethics and integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo said that, “the Government of Uganda will be implementing its new national law on religious leaders which will require All pastors and ministry leaders to have a theological qualification to stay serving God in Uganda”. report by New Vision Uganda’s Newspaper of Dec 6, 2018.

So when we heard what the state minister said plus what happened in Rwanda and Kenya, Pastor David took a step and start meeting pastors and ministry leaders to look into the matter and for the way forward after which we agreed to start pastors and ministry leaders theological training of which Pastor David started conducting using Bible scriptures as we didn’t have materials for the courses as you may see training taking place.

But while we were doing such theological trainings, we heard again from the state minister saying that under the new National law, all pastors and ministry leaders will be required to obtain at least a certificate from a recognized theological institution of which the theological trainings certificate we were planning to give those who were undergoing our training will not be considered by the government because we were doing the training without a license and accreditation.

This will therefore mean that our time of training will be wasted and our pastors and ministry leaders will not be given permission or go ahead to operate however much we will have gone through training or prior.

So we looked into the matter and we suggested to register a free Bible College by the government of Uganda for a license and accreditation and do the trainings again because we tried to join the Bible colleges/schools which are in place for a long time in our country but with the high fees they charge and the level of formal or academic education qualifications they demand resulted into many of Rural area and upcoming church/ministry leaders not affording to join those bible colleges as 95 percent of rural areas and upcoming church/ministry leaders are in extreme poverty. They earn one dollar or less a day which is not enough to support themselves to join those Bible colleges which are in place today and to take care of their families.

Most Rural area and upcoming church/ministry leaders are peasant farmers who grow food to eat and running a church of 10 – 20 low income members who fellowship in temporary shelters as you may see the attached pictures.

We contacted the prominent pastors for the theological training help and we were not helped as prominent pastors are already setup difficult conditions for receiving their training and some of their conditions is to change our churches or ministries’ names into their denominations name which pastors and ministry leaders of non-denominational church and ministry leaders found it difficult to do.

We weep in our hearts as tell you this because we have lost hope of stay serving God since we are in the season into which the law was expected to be signed.

Despite the fact that Upcoming churches/ministries are in isolated stages, they are massively more than the developed churches in Uganda and they do a great job of preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in every corner of Uganda which we can’t allow the devil through our government to close down due to lack of leaders theological training qualifications, that is why we have raised up to start a Free Bible College to equip and train pastors and Christians who feel God’s calling into ministry with a passion to serve Christ.

To share with you what we have achieved since we started, we have finished to raise the registration fee for the license of operation.

Secondly we had a meeting with the three National Education stake holders which are in charge of Tertiary Institution accreditation and license. They advised us to get convenient environment for studying as we explained to them about how we’re going to conduct our classes and they advised us to rent a house as we do not have a school building and setup a school office, a library with the materials we’re to use in our training because for the ministry of education to license a school, considers first, a school block with convenient environment of study, a school library and a school office of which in meantime, we’re doing our level best to raise the amount budget we need for that course to get started.

So far we started conducting different fundraising meetings in such meetings pastors agreed to sell their produce and others animals they have been rearing in eradicating poverty while others agreed to sell the food and fruits they grow to see that we cover the budget and bring the National Council for Higher Education inspectors to approve our school setup so that we’re given a letter of permission allowing us to start our studies in order to stay serving God as all pastors and ministry leaders who will be undergoing theological training, will be given go ahead to operate by the time for the law to be implemented.

Through fundraisings ad selling of our possessions, we have raised 40% funds on the budget and we humbly request you for the financial assistance within your ability to cover the REMAINED $ 9,985.9 we need to get started the training. You may not have money at this time to donate but you have people whom God has given you access to and they can contribute any amount within their ability.

That is why we urge you to share our challenge with them. This is what Joseph requested the chief butler in Genesis 40:14 “But think on me when it shall be well with thee, and show kindness, I pray thee, unto me, and make mention of me unto Pharaoh, and bring me out of this house”. So we urge you to share our challenge with your family and friends because God can use even those you never think that He can’t use for His glory.

For any matter concerning updates or donating, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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