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Upcoming Pentecostal Churches Network

(a Born Again faith Based Network)  

                                    Upcoming Pentecostal Member Churches and Ministries Directory

To list a few member churches and minisstries:

Name:                          Pastor David Serunkuma Sebunza:

            Ministry:                       GreatCom Ministries International

Position:                      Chair of the Board (& President)

Telephone:                  +256 784, 272 904 +256 756 388 745, +256 700 157 025

E mail::                       gtcomoffice@gmail.com

Web site:                         www.gtcom.cfsites.org

Skype Address:            Pastor David Serunkuma

Name:                         Pastor Jonah Sonko:

            Church:                     True Word Church

Position:                    Eastern Region Coordinator

Telephone:                +256 752 692 574

E mail::                      truewordchurch8@gmail.com

Web site:                      www.twc.cfsites

             Name:                      Pastor Robert Mwesigwa

            Church:                   Christian Life Church

Position:                Western Region Coordinator

Telephone:               +256 782 848 467

E mail::                  christianlifechurch7@gmail.com

Web site:                     www.clc.cfsites.org

            Name:                       Pastor Rose Bukenya:

            Church:                     Busisi Redeemed Church

Position:                    Vice Western Region Coordinator

Telephone:                + 256 0392 904 047

            Name:                         Pastor Mary Kyazze

            Church:                      Revival Church Kampama

Position:                    Southern Region Coordinator

Telephone:                +256 754 099 180

             Name:                   Pastor  Ponsiyano Luyinda

            Church:                 Living Gospel Church

Position:                Northern Region Coordinator

Telephone:            +256 782 848 467

E mail::                  livinggospelchurch8@gmail.com

Web site:                  www.lgc.cfsites.org

             Name:                    Pastor Joyce Achan:

            Church:                  Apac Christ Church

Position:             Vice Northern Region Coordinator

Telephone:           + 256 782 470 851

               Here Are Some Of The Network Member Churches and Ministries.

  1. Pastor  Bony Mutasa                        Church Name:      Hope Deliverance Church
  2. Pastor   Kisuule Peter                       Church Name:      Bwamulamira calvery church
  3. Pastor  Kennedy Kavuma                  Church Name:     Word Of Life Church
  4. Pastors John Bazeketa                     Church Name:      Gospel Healing Church
  5. Pastor   Pr Mukalazi Erisa                Church Name:      Christian holiness church
  6. Pastor  James Karyango                   Church Names:    Christian Life Center
  7. Pastor  Robert Kiyonga                     Church Name:      Christian Fellowship Church
  8. Pastor  Pr kalisiti lutanga                  Church Name:         Kyawangabo Christian church
  9. Pastor  Andrew Bosiko                      Church Name:      New Life Center church
  10. Pastor  Ronald Kasato                      Church Name:      Life Tabernacle Church
  11. Pastor  Peter Kagenda                      Church Names:    Bethel Gospel church
  12. Apostle Matthew Mutyaba                Church Names:    Greater Grace Ministries
  13. Pastor  Justine Namutebi                 Church Names:      Victory Life Church
  14. Pastor   George Sekitoleko              Church Names:      Nabingo Christian Church
  15. Pastor   Isaac Mwambu                   Church Names:     Zion Healing Center
  16. Pastor  Paul Kasasa                        Church Names:     Buloba Church of Christ
  17. Pastor   John Kizito                         Church Names:      Riverside church
  18. Apostle  Joseph Sentongo               Church Names:    Light Victory Center
  19. Pastor    Simon Mukisa                   Church Names:    New life Church
  20. Pastor     Isaiah Muwanguzi             Church Names:     River Of Life Church
  21. Pastor     Angel Kwagala                 Church Names:     Divine Intervention Christian Centre
  22. Pastor     Peter Asobola                  Church Names:     Jesus Compassion Church
  23. Pastor     Asimwe Kisakye              Church Names:     Voice Of Christ Church
  24. Apostle   Denise Mwesigwa             Church Names:     Jesus Liberty Church
  25. Pastor     David Kisakye                  Church Names:     Living God fellowship
  26. Pastor     Victor Kilabo                    Church Names:     New Beginnings Ministries
  27. Pastor     Moses Tendo                  Church Names:     Truth Of Life Holiness Church
  28. Pastor     Esther Tusubila               Church Names:     Bethel Community Church
  29. Pastor     Praise Nagawa                 Church Names:     Sharon Fellowship Centre
  30. Apostle   John Sembatya                Church Names:     Gospel of Christ outreach ministries
  31. Pastor     Mark Kitondekija              Church Names:     Divine Voice ministries
  32. Pastor     Margret Kukilizakwe         Church Names:     Hope Christian Center
  33. Pastor     Elisha Kiwede                 Church Names:     Living Word Ministry
  34. Pastor     Isaiah Kuguminkiriza         Church Names:     Revival Ministries
  35. Pastor     Gift  Asobola                    Church Names:     The Grace Mission Church
  36. Apostle   Matthew Talisa                 Church Names:     Word Alive Outreach Ministry
  37. Pastor     Ruth Mukisa                     Church Names:     Christ the Restorer Christian Church
  38. Pastor    Pr. Katake sulaiman          Church Names:      Set fire fellowship church
  39. Pastor    Grace Kirabo                    Church Names:     Jesus the Healer ministries
  40. Pastor    Charles Lusiba                  Church Names:     Touch Life Christian Center
  41. Pastor     Faith Kusasira                  Church Names:     Winning Fire Christian Ministry
  42. Pastor     Hadassah Tussubira         Church Names:     Family Christian Fellowship
  43. Apostle   Samuel Mukisa                 Church Names:     Shining Light Church
  44. Pastor     James Talemwa                Church Names:     Life-Care Bible Ministry
  45. Pastor     Ezra Afayo                       Church Names:     Bethel miracle centre
  46. Apostle   Marcy Alokola                   Church Names:     Living Covenant Ministries
  47. Pastor      Daniel Talimba                 Church Names:    Christ the Rock Church
  48. Pastor      Benjamin Kukirizibwa       Church Names:     Christian Healing Church
  49. Apostle    Patience Kwagala             Church Names:     Resurrection Hope Ministries
  50. Pastor       Derrick Kwesigira            Church Names:     Healing Centre Church

If you have something to pass along to any church or ministry, please speak up. Any comment or information about the Network Member Church or Ministry can be addressed to the following address as some of our member churches and ministries don’t have contacts.

Upcoming Pentecostal Churches Network:

P.O.BOX 212 Nateete Uganda East Africa
+256 784, 272 904 +256 756 388 745,
Email: upcnoffice@gmail.com   or  upcomingchurchesnetwork@gmail.com 
Website: www.upcn.cfsites.org