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Upcoming Pentecostal Churches Network

(a Born Again faith Based Network)  


About Affiliation and working together:

We believe that the most important part of affiliation and working together is to build the relationship in Christ. Relationship in which we are able to furtherance together the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the world.

If you desire to affiliate or work with us to furtherance the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, please do not hesitate to contact us because God is moving by His Spirit, connecting the body of Christ together to fulfill His mandate for the building of His Kingdom.

If possible to give us a visit, we have open days that you would be welcomed to visit us or to minister to us in whatever you flow. Remember working together in unity allows us to accomplish the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you feel to donate or to Support this Network, you are highly welcome.

We can receive donations through our Mobile money account by downloading world remit app (www.worldremit.com) or wave system app (www.wave.com) On App Store or Google Play.

Those apps will give you the flexibility of choosing how to send money and below are the Mobile money account No: +256 784 545 328 in the names of David Serunkuma Sebuza   Or you can use Airtel money account No: +256 750 001 893 or +256, 784 272 904 in the same names of Margret Nakiwala the network General secretary.

Or you can use Western Union/Money Gram as directed below.

Through Western Union or Money Gram

 Receive Country – Uganda    

Receive State/Province – Kampala  

Receiver's full Name: David Serunkuma Sebunza (please mention all names in order) 

After sending through Western Union or Money Gram, you will email me the below information

 1. Money Transfer Code Number (MTCN)   

Remember Western Union as 10 numbers (MTCN)

Money Gram 8 numbers  

Express 15 numbers

2. Amount Sent.

3. Sender’s full names

4. Sender’s country and city  

  1. Sender’s telephone number 


You can send through Bank Account:

Account Name:       Upcoming Pentecostal churches Network Limited.

Account Number:   1012200954960   

Bank Name:                  EQUITY BANK UGANDA LTD

City                            KAMPALA

Postal code / Location KAMPALA

Country                          UGANDA

SWIFT code                   EQBLUGKAXXX 


Or you can find more about on line Banking by visiting EQUITY BANK website at  https://www.bank-codes.com/equity

We have Bank account in Equity Bank as seen below

              Upcoming Pentecostal Churches Network Footage/video is live at https://youtu.be/HehsZIFjJN8